We don’t just produce events. We craft unique, immersive, gamified IRL experiences. And we empower others to gamify and tokenize their events.

Our team of web3-natives works to strengthen all kinds of communities by creating unforgettable memories for not just NFT, crypto, and blockchain gaming projects, but also for groups who are very new to web3 and require a safe, simple, fun onboarding through the Party-to-Earn™️ platform.

We empower event guests to forge and strengthen 1:1, rare, nonfungible friendships while we learn, play, and build together.

Come enjoy our trademark recurring NonFun Events or you can call upon our team of industry veterans to realize your vision at your event.

We blend tech-forward live experiences with the metaverse as we hybridize conferences, conventions, concerts, parties, art exhibits, and esports tournaments into our one-of-a-kind style.

What Are We Building?


Equity & Empathy

This is your $NONFUN ecosystem. It is built on fairness, shared ownership, and understanding of each other as fellow humans.


Without creativity, there is no innovation. We foster self-expression and imagination not just in our team, but in the experiences we build together.


On our collective path as the original settlers of the metaverse, we strive to break down barriers, forge alliances, and build brighter futures for every collaborator and contributor to our community. Financial independence through economic empowerment begins with developing genuine relationships. So, we bring people out from behind their avatars to have fun with their fellow NonFun Friends!

Core Team

Ayana (Lady)Co-Founder

Bobby (The Kunta MC)Co-Founder

Shujan SuntharalingamChief Product Officer

Josh James Chief Marketing Officer

Janet (The Loggy)Experience Architect

Meredith (Mere)Experience Architect

Ran (Kingsurf)Social Media Manager

CakeyyA/V Editor

LibertyProject Manager


OwlVisionProduction Support

Bull Blockchain LawLawyers

MetaSportsEsports Production

Nexus VoyagersEcosystem



NonFun Advisor

Peter Ing

NonFun Advisor

Money B

NonFun Advisor


Friends Advisor

Nova Lorraine

Friends Advisor

Chris Cruz

NonFun Advisor

Pat Neolimiter

NonFun Advisor